About Da Groomer

About Da Groomer

Since 2007 Da Groomer Mobile Pet Spa has been serving the Kissimmee, St Cloud, South Orlando and Celebration areas. Our goal is to provide the best service at the most affordable price. Our Mobile Unit is a self-contained top of the line grooming salon on wheels customized with the latest technology to offer a clean and healthy environment for your pet. We use the best products in the market designed to your pet’s type of coat. We groom all breeds of dog and our one to one personalized service is the reason we proudly can say “Da Groomer does Da Best”.

Juan Santiago, Da Groomer, graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Florida Institute of Animal Arts, Winter Park Florida in 2006. He is known for his patience and love for the animals. Juan is also a lifetime member of the International Society of Canine cosmetologist and the National Dog Grooming Association of America and every year he attends grooming seminars to continue his education. Juan speaks spanish and english and the author of a grooming blog, www.thegroominglab.com

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Extra Services

Da Bath & – For most short-haired and medium-coated breeds not requiring a lot of brushing. Includes nails, ears, anal glands, Premium-quality shampoo, blow drying and finished brushing. Your dog will come away clean, brushed, shining and feeling great!

Da Mini – For dogs with long or dense coats that require more extensive brushing with some trimming. Includes Bath & Brush package plus extra brushing, clipping or scissoring for that perfect finished look.

Da Styling – For breeds and mixes benefiting from more extensive specialty grooming. Includes everything above plus skilled trimming, clipping and finishing appropriate to your dog and your preferences. To give your dog the perfect look that you desire.

The Works The Works includes a medicated or luxury shampoo and a remoistening treatment Tooth brushing & designer cologne.

• Oatmeal Bath – soothing relief for dry skin, itching and irritation. Conditions and helps restore natural moisture to skin & coat.

• Remoisturizing Conditioner – A deep penetrating hair revitalizer that helps replenish natural oils to leave the coat soft & shiny. Perfect for seasonal dry skin.

• High Mosturizer Treatment – Rejuvenates dry skin and coat with natural oils to provide maximum coat protection & conditioning.

• Flea Shampoo – We use only natural flea products that are harmful to fleas, not pets. We do not use chemical insecticides.

• Medicated bath – For relief from dandruff, dermatitis, itching, body odors & dry skin. If problems persist, consult your veterinarian.

• Degreasing shampoo – Superior cleaning and conditioning with a degreasing agent that won’t strip the coat of its natural oils.

• Hypoallergenic shampoo – Extra-gentle formula for dogs with sensitive skin or allergies. Contains no dyes or perfumes.

• Snow-burst White – Natural optical brightener shampoo, not a bleach. Won’t yellow your dog’s coat.

• Deodorizing – For when your dog gets in smelly situations.

• Tooth Brushing – We’ll brush your dog’s teeth, and give you a toothbrush, too.

• Pawdicure – Don’t need a full grooming, but want your dog’s nails done? We’ll clip, file or grind your dog’s nails. If you like, we’ll polish ’em, too, for the latest in Canine haute couture!

• Ear cleaning & hair removal – Keeping your dog’s ear canals clean and free of hair is critical for good health.

• Puppy Works – For puppies under 4 months. Let us get your pup started off right. Includes a gentle, fun introduction to grooming – a bath, brush, nails, ears & trimming services.

• Silky Skin Treatment – Includes oatmeal bath and remoisturizing conditioner. Perfect for seasonal dry skin & coat problems.

• Hydro-Therapy – Includes warm Hydro Surge massage bath hydrotherapy, for a deep follicle clean. Ideal for dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other muscle problems or just for relaxing time in the tub. Free with every Da Styling Package

• Therapy Spa Pkg This Spa type Beauty package includes a soothing Shampoo, a refreshing cream rinse, deodorizing moisture mist spray, and a Pawdicure including nail Polish. Price does not include the full service groom or bath.

• Aromatherapy Make your pet relax with the benefits of essential oils. The room wil be scent with one of our best calming aromas, then follow by a calming lavander or chamomile shampoo applied with hydro massage for 10 minutes

• Milk Bath Leaves pet’s skin and coat thoroughly clean, shiny and softer than you ever thought possible. Slow release moisture rich conditioners. New exclusive patented delivery system featuring encasulated Nova Pearls.

• High Moisturizing Treatment Same results as Hot Oil Treatment without the big oily mess. our dog skin will be soft and the hair will be soft and silky. You will love it.

• Flea Relief Package This add on service includes a medicated shampoo, oatmeal moisturizer to soothe the skin and Bio Groom flea repellent spray application

• Shave Relief Includes a soothing oatmeal or medicated shampoo and aloe vera moisturizer to help the skin refresh from the close blade haircut.

• Bad breath & Tar Treatment Application of petzlife spray and Tropiclean Breath Instant Foam on your dog’s mouth will help to reduce the bad breath and soften the tar for a better oral health.

We start with a detangling shampoo and conditioner, apply detangling spray and brush your dog using special tools to break small mats or tangles in the hair at a rate of 1.00 x minute.
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Service Areas and Hours

Kissimmee, St Cloud, Harmony, Narcoosee Area, Poinciana, Solivita, Celebration, Dr. Phillips, Hunters Creek, Southchase, Beacon Park, South Orlando general
Monday – Friday: 8 am – 5pm

Saturday: Need to book entire year. Some restrictions apply.

Sunday: Closed

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